Anzac Biscuits

Apologies. I got side-tracked this weekend so I was unable to bake. I’ll try and do it on Wednesday. I’m still planning to make Anzac Biscuits. Here’s a close-up photo of one.

They are delicious with or without coconut. I make both because I like coconut, but my husband doesn’t like coconut so I make half a batch with coconut and half without. I like to keep the biscuits in an air-tight container and have noticed they can last up to 5 or so days after baking. Unfortunately, we rarely have many leftover 3 or 4 days because they’re eaten.

Anzac Biscuit recipe to follow – after Wednesday’s Bakefest!


Vietnamese Salad [video]

Every Thursday, I receive a newsletter from GOOP which is a newsletter from Gwyneth Paltrow. Each week is a different “how to” on: MAKE · GO · GET · DO · BE · SEE.

In the past she’s shown us a few MAKE’s and she’s made Roast Chicken, Bibimbop and today, along with her Chef friend, he’s shown her how to make a delicious Vietnamese Salad. When she’s in the kitchen making something its usually a video and she is hand-on whilst the Chef is doing it and also asks questions.

Here’s the video:

The video tutorials also have a link to download them for your iPod.

Now all I have to go is go to an Asian market to get the herbs and Bok Choy etc and I can make it. Its fresh, it didn’t take long to prepare and the ingredients are easy to find, not expensive and it looks delicious. I’ll let you know once I’ve made it, probably sometime next week.

If you’d like to sign-up for GOOP, all you have to do is click here and complete. Every Thursday you’ll receive an email with the newsletter.

I usually like the MAKE but I also like the DO, GO and SEE a lot.


I found some time to go on a break without the old ball and chain.

Had a great time (despite the heavy rain on 19th June).

I can’t wait to go back and hope its possible around Christmas time (for lots of snow and winter) or next year.

Haven’t anything else to talk about right now.


Snow Pix Part Deux

These photos were taken today using my BlackBerry Storm.

This photo was taken at 5:13am this morning.


It’s really still too dark outside so I’m going for a walk in about an hour (8am is our Sunrise during Winter) to take more photos.

Here’s some daytime pictures [although the sky was still rather dark and I still had to use the flash].

patterns on the road

Hello Kitty (Ford KA)



My artwork

We only managed about a 45 minute walk this morning, there was a biting wind (we live on the east coast). We both had 3 layers of clothing on but it was absolutely freezing and then it started snowing again so we walked home.

We also had to do some grocery shopping and it continued snowing again pretty much until about 3pm. We’ve since had a bit of rain as well so its washed some away, but we might get more tonight and or tomorrow.

It’s been absolutely necessary to have our central heating on since 5am this morning and it’ll be on all night.


Snow Pix Part Un

The snow started about 11am yesterday (1st February) but then it melted until about 5:30pm when I noticed it started again. I just happened to be outside putting the recycling in the bin.

Here are some photos (it was impossible to capture without using the flash because it was dark).

Snow falling


my footprints

Our front garden - Holly Tree

Heavy snow is expected throughout tomorrow (more photos will follow).

Part Deux will be posted tomorrow (that means Part 2) for you non-French speakers!


German Christmas Market

On Saturday a small group of us met up in London to travel by train to the Birmingham “Frankfurt Christmas Markets” for a daytrip and despite a very early start for me I had a great time. We arrived in Birmingham at 1:30pm and headed for the sausage stand for lunch, then we enjoyed a glass of Glühwein (hot mulled wine) and then we headed off to do some shopping. Dan and I spent about an hour and half and he showed me around the market. I just bought a few treats like some German cake, an Angel decoration for our Christmas tree and a couple of bags of sweeties.

Then we met up again with the rest of the group for another glühwein and then from 4pm until 5:30pm I had some free time (we all went off to do our own thing) so I decided to leave the market and go shopping in the mall (towards the train station) and I finally got my hands on the Twilight movie soundtrack cd and have been spending most of today listening to it, the only bands I’ve heard of are Muse and Paramore but I like it!

Here’s a photo of my German friend Stefanie and her boyfriend Dan.

Steffi and Dan

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

German christmas market 29.11.08 (Birmingham, UK)

I really enjoyed our daytrip and woke up 7am and returned home to Kent at 11:15pm so it was a very long day and I’d like to go again this year, if possible because it closes 23rd December but I think I’d try and go on a weekday. I don’t know if its possible but I’ll try.

p.s I didn’t know until Saturday, Birmingham’s the twin-city of Frankfurt, Germany.