Good Deed of the Day 21/12/15

Today’s Good Dead of the Day is a bit late. I’m sorry but it’s been a busy day reorganising my bedroom furniture, which I decided to do after clearing out my wardrobe for the good dead yesterday.

Today, I decided to also go through my kitchen pantry and donate a bunch of tinned food for Charity. I’m really enjoying putting together the clothing and food donation’s. It made me feel like a good person and I sure could use a dose of feeling better about choices I’m making as I’ve made heap’s of mistakes in 2015!

If your unaware you can donate tinned food at your local Countdown store so I took some baby potatoes, tinned chopped tomatoes and a couple of can’s of baked beans and put them in the trolley they’ve setup for charity.

The shop was busy. I didn’t remember to take a picture until I got halfway home plus I thought about Vlogging the trip but in Whakatane it get’s you stared at. I shouldn’t let stranger’s staring at me become a thing but my confidence level is nowhere near where I’d like it to be plus I don’t want some jackass deciding to be a jerk in the background.

My New Year’s Resolution is to Vlog and not let stranger’s potentially staring at me stop me from doing it, let’s see how that goes in early 2016!

I’m trying not to pre-plan tomorrow’s good deed and see what happens.



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