Good Deed of the Day 20/12/15

Yesterday, I started my Good Dead of the Day. It’s a daily post about something good I’ve done for a stranger, a charity etc. I’m making this up

as I go along. It feel’s good to give back and trying to be a better person.

I wish I’d started doing this at the beginning of the year!

Today’s good deed is going through my clothing and shoes and everything that’s too big (I was much heavier than I am now) because I started running and exercising in August, is going to be bagged and put in a Charity bin, that also goes for my much loved sneaker collection that I’ve outgrown.

Tomorrow, I’ll take 2 bag’s up to the bin at and then see how many more I have throughout the week and deposit them.

If I have time today I’ll also be sorting through my linen closet and donating unwanted sheet’s, duvet’s, towel’s and blanket’s but I’ll include all the clothing, shoes and linen donation’s as today’s good deed.

I know what tomorrow’s deed is, please come back tomorrow to find out.


p.s I’ll re-edit this post with picture’s of the bagged up clothing so you can see I’m not making these deeds’ up. 


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