Good Deed of the Day 19/12/15


I’ve decided to resurrect this blog because it’s my little space to write whatever I want and hopefully some of you from around the world will stumble upon it and maybe come back now and again to read what’s new.

I should’ve started this Good Deed of the Day on 1st January, but better late than never.

Today’s the first good deed day so let’s see how we go until 19/12/16!

I was on my morning walk and I saw a grandpa with two little kids probably between 3 and 5 and he was flying a kite for them on the river path. I don’t know if he didn’t see the trap’s or is even from the area but I felt compelled to let him know this area was not the best place to be flying kites that keep landing in the long grass beside the river because there are Rat Trap’s to stop the rat’s from coming into the park and houses along the river and in the trap’s contain rat poison.

I’d hate to think that the kite got rat poison on it and the little kid’s picked it up and then got sick and had to be taken off to hospital . It was a big decision to make to let the grandpa, who was a stranger know but I felt it was important to explain they should take the kite into the park which was right next to it and it was empty.

The grandpa was grateful and I felt happy I’d decided to say something and potentially (maybe) stopped one or maybe two of the kiddies, or even the grandpa from becoming ill and having to go to the ED with rat poisoning or maybe worse.

I think it was a very good deed but I’ll only count is as one, even though I potentially saved 3 people from rat poisoning!

I wonder what tomorrow’s good deed will be…





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