My Roast Chicken [Recipe]

It’s been about two weeks since I posted a recipe and I’m cooking a Sunday Roast today (its cold, gloomy and raining) – just another English Autumn day perfect for Sunday Roast. Roasts are traditionally eaten on a Sunday!

I thought I’d take some photos and write down instructions for you to make

Karen’s Delicious Roast Chicken

Here’s what to do:

Firstly, you’ll need a whole bird. Today, I’m cooking a Chicken suitable for 2 adults which has been plucked.

I buy my chicken from a Butcher, but you can use a supermarket chicken if you like.


Take the chicken out of all the wrapping.


You will need the following:

Herbs such as mixed herbs and rosemary

Ground pepper

Ground garlic, or 2 fresh garlic cloves

1 large or medium size Onion (depending on the size of your chicken)

2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil


Use 1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil and smear it over the bottom of your oven dish (I use a pastry brush to spread it evenly)

Place unwrapped chicken in your baking dish/pan/tin and put it on your counter

Peel and chop Onion in half (or quarters if its a small chicken)

Place Onion halves or quarters inside the chicken

Place fresh garlic cloves inside the chicken with the onion or sprinkle a little dried garlic inside the chicken

Use 1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil and brush oil all over the chicken (including the wings)

Sprinkle your mixed herbs on top of the chicken

Today, I used dried herbs because its all I had in my pantry

If you are using fresh herbs such as rosemary and mixed herbs, then cut them finely

If you are using dried Garlic then sprinkle about a Teaspoon all over the chicken

Sprinkle dried Rosemary all over the chicken

Place into a pre-heated oven on 200 degrees celcius and let cook for 2-3 hours.

Cook the chicken for 45 minutes and then check on it, make sure the heat isn’t too high, the chicken isn’t cooking too fast, burning etc.

After 45 minutes to 1 hour turn chicken over to cook for 30-45 minutes (on the underside)

After 30-45 minutes (on the underside now topside) return chicken to right way up again and cook for a further 45-60 minutes

Check the wings aren’t burning (remember you put olive oil all over the bird including the wings) if burning on tips of wings (place a little aluminium foil over them) to stop them from burning further. You can double foil them if you want.

After about another 30-45 minutes check the chicken is cooked by slicing into the thickest part eg. the leg or mid-back. The juice should run clear, there should be no sign of pink meat, or blood. If there is either, of both then put chicken back in the oven for another 5-30 minutes and keep checking on it regularly, you don’t want the chicken to burn, or cook too quickly because it will dry out.

Once its cooked, take it out of the oven and place it on the counter and let rest for 2-5 minutes (at this stage if you like you can cover it while its resting with foil).

Prepare your plates and then after about 5 minutes resting, unwrap foil and place chicken on cutting board, start slicing the meat, but remember if you cut into the chicken and there’s any sign of pink, or blood you have to put it back in the oven again and keep checking every 5 minutes that the pink is cooked out and the juices must be clear (no sign of blood).

Warning: Eating uncooked chicken is dangerous and you can get sick from it, so either cut all the meat off that your going to use and place it back in the baking dish/tin/pan in the oven for a further 5-30 minutes (or until cooked) or put the entire bird back in the oven and keep checking it every 2-5 minutes at a time, you can turn the meat over inside the oven to ensure its cooking properly on both sides (if you have sliced it).

Also if you touch the chicken (at any time during the preparation), please make sure you wash your hands with hot water and soap before touching anything else, because chicken has a lot of bacteria on it, especially in the raw stage.

Of course don’t forget about 30 minutes before the chicken being ready to place your potatoes into the baking dish. I would par-boil them (if they are big or thick you’ll need to cook them right through – and par-boiling helps). Make sure they are soft before cutting them in halves or quarters and placing them next to the chicken in the oven. If you want them to brown you might want to brush Olive oil, or vegetable oil over the potatoes lightly.

I’m also steaming carrots, broccoli and corn today so make sure you allow ample time to prepare other side dishes.

Today I added the shop bought (from frozen) small Yorkshire puddings into the oven about 6 minutes before the chicken was ready.

Plate up the chicken and the vegetables. Prior to removing from oven you have time to make make a delicious chicken gravy from instant gravy granules by adding hot water and stir until smooth, use a fork it makes it easier and then use a spoon (if it starts to get lumpy) and slowly keep adding the hot water and stir in until thick or runny and unlumpy.

Here’s my finished Sunday Roast, its just out of the oven and ready to be sliced and plated up.

It looks delicious. I can’t wait to tuck in!

Please let me know (if you followed my recipe) how it turned out.

I hope it was perfect and tasted absolutely delicious!

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