Magne F Alpha-Beta Photocards

I like the Norwegian Artist, Magne Furuholmen aka Magne F. I’ve been to two of his London Exhibitions. The first one was in 2006 called Monologues at the Paul Stolper Gallery when it was in Luke Street and the second one was at the new Paul Stolper Gallery premises in Museum Street called Alpha-Beta in October 2009.

I have not yet been able to afford to buy one of his art prints but I did buy the vinyl cover he designed for his album “A Dot of Black In the Blue of Your Bliss” in 2008, which is a one of a kind album cover and its No. 217 of a 300 Collection.

Here’s my album cover:

Last night I learnt there’s a new Collection for his Alpha-Beta work, which are coloured postcards. As soon as my friend gave me the link I bought one. It was only £22.00 and his artwork sells for considerably more.

Here’s more information about it:

Alpha-Beta box set by Magne Furuholmen

This very special box set features 30 large square postcard prints by artist and musician Magne Furuholmen, presented in a custom made box, and including a one-off tracing paper text piece designed by the artist.

You can buy the Magne F Alpha-Beta Photocards from the Polite Shop here.

About the box set

The set features 30 148mm square postcard prints, including the 26 letters of the alphabet along with 3 Norwegian characters and an exclamation mark. Reproduced using high screen lithographic print on extra thick silk postcard stock. It is supplied in a hand finished custom box along with a special one off multiple by Magne, featuring a Nabokov quote.

Polite also have a Blog here.

If it wasn’t for Dorien Petersen I wouldn’t have known about this so thanks Dorien.


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