I like to stay in touch with what’s happening at home in Australia so I try and read news.com.au, smh.com.au and/or theage.com.au everyday.

Today, I read a story about Kangatarians. Kangatarians are people who only eat Kangaroo meat and claim its due to environmental, ecological and humanitarian grounds. Click here to read the story published 9th February 2010 on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website.

What do you think. Will Kangatarianism catch on in Australia?

Do you agree with the reasons to eat only Kangaroo meat, or do you object?

Have you ever tried Kangaroo meat?

I’ve eaten it a couple of times (to my knowledge). However it might be more because my parents would know I’d cause a fuss and so they probably wouldn’t have told me if I was eating Kangaroo.

I remember making a fuss about eating Kangaroo and the first time I ate it was a piece of my Husband’s steak when we were on holiday in Melbourne. It just tasted like normal red meat to me but it wasn’t cooked the way I like a steak cooked. My husband prefers it rare, whereas I like it medium-rare.

I guess I’ll just have to try it again and I also found a recipe for Kangaroo Lasagne by Ben Christie, which is tempting (if I can get Kangaroo meat in the UK) I will definitely try to get steaks and the mince for the Lasagne.

The Kangaroo Lasagne recipe is from Ben Christie‘s website.

Follow Ben on Twitter.


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