Snow Pix Part Deux

These photos were taken today using my BlackBerry Storm.

This photo was taken at 5:13am this morning.


It’s really still too dark outside so I’m going for a walk in about an hour (8am is our Sunrise during Winter) to take more photos.

Here’s some daytime pictures [although the sky was still rather dark and I still had to use the flash].

patterns on the road

Hello Kitty (Ford KA)



My artwork

We only managed about a 45 minute walk this morning, there was a biting wind (we live on the east coast). We both had 3 layers of clothing on but it was absolutely freezing and then it started snowing again so we walked home.

We also had to do some grocery shopping and it continued snowing again pretty much until about 3pm. We’ve since had a bit of rain as well so its washed some away, but we might get more tonight and or tomorrow.

It’s been absolutely necessary to have our central heating on since 5am this morning and it’ll be on all night.



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