German Christmas Market

On Saturday a small group of us met up in London to travel by train to the Birmingham “Frankfurt Christmas Markets” for a daytrip and despite a very early start for me I had a great time. We arrived in Birmingham at 1:30pm and headed for the sausage stand for lunch, then we enjoyed a glass of Glühwein (hot mulled wine) and then we headed off to do some shopping. Dan and I spent about an hour and half and he showed me around the market. I just bought a few treats like some German cake, an Angel decoration for our Christmas tree and a couple of bags of sweeties.

Then we met up again with the rest of the group for another glühwein and then from 4pm until 5:30pm I had some free time (we all went off to do our own thing) so I decided to leave the market and go shopping in the mall (towards the train station) and I finally got my hands on the Twilight movie soundtrack cd and have been spending most of today listening to it, the only bands I’ve heard of are Muse and Paramore but I like it!

Here’s a photo of my German friend Stefanie and her boyfriend Dan.

Steffi and Dan

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

German christmas market 29.11.08 (Birmingham, UK)

I really enjoyed our daytrip and woke up 7am and returned home to Kent at 11:15pm so it was a very long day and I’d like to go again this year, if possible because it closes 23rd December but I think I’d try and go on a weekday. I don’t know if its possible but I’ll try.

p.s I didn’t know until Saturday, Birmingham’s the twin-city of Frankfurt, Germany.


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